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  is a national territory that aureate autumn scan widely 9,600,000 square kilometers again up, all over the place golden, prosperous brocade, the high building stands erect, coal ocean current gold, ocean yang wave, the great wall dances.

  in autumn, always bring people pleased celebrate, bring poetry, bring fancy, bring to imagine, bring a hope more, but this year’s autumn, not- same sort, more and not and usually.in this fine season, arrive to°from chiang-nan water country a northland backland, from the gan river strand to pull sa lin ka, hot soils of republic each square kilometer soak through exultant and happiness, flow to drip sweet with sing.1,300,000,000 china childrens with heroic the singing arousing more put to fly aureate ideal and imagining of rose and put to fly hard go such as the conviction of huge rock and the poem lauding to the great motherland.

  ha, the motherland, my mother, celebrates the quarter of your birthday 60 anniversaries in the joys, i have a boiling passion, thoughts and feelings surge.we want to speak to you how much considerate words son, have how much laudatory song son sing to you.60 years, at be just fillip in the mankind’s history long river a flick, however, great of the motherland occurrence turns over the variety that sky replies ground.everywhere is change with each passing day of creation.everywhere is canvass business to lead a property and promote the big current of economic development.i imitate the red ship that the buddha sees south lake to bathe the gold hui of the sun, to drive today.the red flag of well kang-shan, the cuckoo smiles dimple and reflects the mountain is red of strong the united states is like of the red glow at sunset style style float.the hot breeze of pagoda mountain postpones arousing of river water wave, the story of green yarn debt rides on the qiong syrup of yellow river and conceived the children of ten million heros.

  ha, the ancient great wall starts to stand unyielding chest, yangtze river dashing about turns over a radiant wave flower, a long distance steppe resounds the matouqin voice of deep feeling and pull sa lin ka is spreading to herd a people to rush toward the happy song joke of middle-class family.hence, i see up broad earth in the motherland, china children in in the whole world lead to utter high song.the joys celebrates a mother 60-year-old birthday in motherland, sends best regards to the motherland in the name of republic children and blesses for mother.

  ha, motherland, you are like one fan of leaf hope and drove from the republic founded a nation the long long gun salute voice of big dian;drove from mt. heaven the foot hot tile just with the three-stringed piano moving musical sound;drove from the yellow river aroused a more rising big wave voice and ten thousand precinct chief, river, the ship work number son voice of the male hun;the absolute being state no.5 cosmos airship that embarked from yang li wei of aerospace hero roamed about at pleasure to drive in the good news of space;blue print and country that developed from reform in the city wealthy civilization fantasy drove in the song.hence, i see the spring breeze blow into a hundred million happy doors and windows, heard"the story in spring" resounding through china the earth.the broad sea jiang flies fast heroic war boat, western backland again teng rise hurtle the rocket in sky.it was glorious in the boundless process of half several centuries, there is frustrate.the chinese of diligence braveness leader in 3 and under the party central leadership, unity of will is a formidable force, overcome all difficulties, with tremendous passionate devotion economic development of"develop china, strengthen my national prestige".history tells us and tells future, deng xiaoping’s construction contains the socialism theories of chinese special feature and is like the rich brocade future prospects that the lighthouse illuminates a motherland, the party is central the jian being leading people of the whole country effort go "three representatives"s, with accompany into, constuct middle-class family completely society, head for fine future. 123

  in the great military advance constucting socialism modernization big country, the china children created numerous miracles, in the race of world of lin rang people of this world in different light.you see, shenzhen, bead sea, etc. a batch of special areas in xiamen starts to dig kingsoft, the river bank east new area sticks out the chest, the pride also expresses to write the refreshing headline of developing the china.nine tengs in the steel ultrasaurus big city fly south north, display the magnificent posture of china.hong kong regression, regression in macau, peking states ao success, the china children all receives due acclaim and attention, the hao feeling is ten thousand zhangs.

  the capital city in peking, an overseas chinese of over sixty years of age visited city appearance in peking with the regiment, after watching review troops the troops dominant performance, the hot tears maneuvered.his regrets ground says:"lately chinese be really getting stronger now, there is motherland doing strong backing, oversea overseas chinese the waist pole is harder, our body is in the overseas and hope a motherland strong, prosperous and prosperous."listen the old man’s heartfelt words, i imitate a buddha to touch him that very hot patriotic heart.at the moment, my ear again response my i patriotic of heart, the great wall never pour this male hun, arouse more of singing.this singing calls china children to make great effort to make country strong and create more a house fine tomorrow.

  the friends faces the sun, the autumnal winds sends great, let us stand ancient great wall up with deep feeling, with a kind of heroic, with a kind of rites of majesty, start to carry a gold cup, drink to heart’s content a joys to celebrate of beautiful wine, lightly soft hand each inch of foot of land, bless our dear people anne from country tai in motherland together, have a bright future.






  在建设社会主义现代化强国的伟大进军中,华夏儿女创造了无数奇迹,在世界民族之林让世人刮目相看。你看,深圳,珠海,厦门等一批特区掘起座座金山,浦东新区挺起胸膛,骄傲也抒写振兴中华的醒目标题。钢铁巨龙大京九腾飞南北,展示中国的雄姿。香港回归,澳门回归,北京申奥成功,华夏儿女无不扬眉吐气,豪情万丈。 123





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